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Charter Fishing Lake Erie with Get Reel Lake Erie Charter Fishing Guide Service  If your interest is a personalized Lake Erie fishing charter for 1 or 2 people, then my perch and walleye charters are just what you're looking for! I cater to families that want to try their hand at fishing for the first time as well as the seasoned veteran. My charters are perfect for a parent and child, husband and wife or just a couple of avid fishermen spending the day together. It's also a great opportunity for the business owner that wants to reward a special employee or take a client out for a day of fishing. Just $285.00 per day for 1 or 2 people gets you out on the water catching fish. Contact your captain today and catch the walleye fever here!

  Fishing for the first time? Don't worry! I will work hard to teach you the tactics that you need to catch the walleye of your lifetime and make sure that you have one of the most enjoyable days fishing on Lake Erie. My goal for my clients is to relax and enjoy a great day of fishing on Lake Erie and catch their share of great tasting fresh fish! I can offer you exciting action and a courteous, professional, personalized service where beginners are not only encouraged but welcomed! And best of all, no experience is necessary! Don't delay, call me today at 419 346 8006 to schedule your next charter!


2014 was a very different year for walleye fishermen. What started off as a great year quickly fizzled after the mayfly hatch. With the weather co-operating many anglers had terrific catches and some big fish were caught. As usual, trolling with my custom made spoons I call worm haulers produced some nice catches of walleye for many charters. We didn't see the dog days of August either so water temperatures didn't rise as high as they usually do but the fish still headed to the deeper, cooler waters north and east anyway. The algae bloom of 2014 reaked havoc on everything from Toledo's drinking water to the fishing.

    Lake Erie perch, frequently referred to as yellow perch is regarded by many as the best tasting fish that the great lakes has to offer. Perch fishing begins anytime in July or August and we'll be using the traditional Lake Erie spreader or my hand crafted perch rigs tipped with native Lake Erie emerald shiners. Perch fishing provides great action for young children fishing for their first time as well as adults and you can't beat the great taste. If you like to perch fish then this charter is for you!

  I didn't get to do any perch fishing due to my recent move but I do know that it was hit and miss. You just had to be in the right place at the right time, kind of strange for perch. While Lake Erie yellow perch are much smaller than their walleye cousins, these guys are just as tasty for that evening meal. August is generally a good time to be perch fishing since the weather is more pleasant, winds are lighter and the fish seem to be somewhat larger and biting well.

 For a slightly different experience, try a 50/50 day of fishing, 1/2 day of walleye fishing combined with a 1/2 day of perch fishing. The best time to do the 50/50 is in the July/August time frame. Arrangements must be made at least the evening before we leave the dock so that we're sure to have the right bait onboard for both species.

  Be sure to read what the Ohio DNR has to say about the current fishing conditions for Lake Erie. Just click on the link below!   

  Here are a few things to consider when booking your trip. Early spring trolling with crankbaits can prove successful for landing big female, post spawn fish when winds allow. Casting Lake Erie weapons or weight forward spinners with night crawlers usually takes precedence after the jig bite in early May and lasts throughout the summer. Using bottom bouncers while casting provides you with additional lines in the water that sometimes outproduces casting and can become fast and furious. Trolling, while considered by many as meat fishing, can be just as challenging as casting and usually keeps you busy changing lures, trying to figure out what the walleye want to eat and takes place anytime from the end of May until fall. This is a great option when fishing with children or first time adults. Flexibility with technique is a must if you want to take home a good catch of fish. The bottom line is, May And June are your best bets for a successful walleye trip. Lets face it, booking a trip at this time of the year increases your chances of a limit catch and a great time. Filling your cooler with tasty fish is my top priority!

 Lake Erie fishing for walleye is considered by most fishermen to be the best in the country, so for walleye fishing at its finest be sure to book your next Lake Erie fishing charter with a professional, U.S.C.G. & Ohio guide licensed captain!

  I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to a great year of quality walleye fishing on Lake Erie with a lifetime of memories! Be sure to book your Lake Erie walleye and perch fishing charter early for the best date selection and reserve your day onboard Get Reel Guide Service, LLC!

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